Drilling Support Equipment

Grouting using Geoprobe Injection PumpGeoprobe GS-2000 Grout Pump

This powerful self-contained piston pump is used for tremie grouting for well decommissioning, and for in-situ remedial injections.


Concrete Core Drills

We have both stand-mounted and hand-held diamond core drills, as well as hammer drills. The stand-mounted coring machines can be bolted to the floor or wall. We are comfortable using drill extensions to core as deep as required. We are not a production concrete coring company, but we do offer coring to our engineering firm and private clients in conjunction with other drilling services or as a stand-alone service.


Air Spade and Other Air Tools

An Air Spade and a tow-behind compressor allow for quick and efficient pre-clearing to up to about 6’ below grade. Pneumatic rock drills allow efficient drilling on exposed or shallow rock faces.


Field Sampling Equipment

Bronson Drilling is one of the only drilling companies to carry a suite of sampling and survey equipment. If needed, we can provide water level meter, PID, peristaltic pump, survey transit, hand auger, tubing and whatever else may be required. We are experienced in most geological and environmental field sampling and techniques. We also can provide additional support equipment such as generators, vacuums, air compressors, etc.