Soil Vapor Sampling

Soil Vapor SamplingUnlike most drilling companies, we have made soil vapor sampling a specialty since our start in 2002. We can install deep points either with hand tools or with the drill rig; or install sub-slab points. We can install temporary points to sample that day or permanent points with a roadbox, set flush in a diamond-cored hole. We have worked in very sensitive indoor areas including high-end residences, food preparation areas, and clean rooms, and we are very sensitive to restoring the location upon completion. If there is no access, we can horizontally bore a vapor point under the slab from the building exterior. We test all soil vapor tooling with a PID prior to installation and compare it to ambient air. We can use a helium leak detection shroud if needed. We are familiar with the DEP guidance documents and participate in continuing education on the subject. We have run many soil vapor surveys on behalf of a number of engineering firms, and we can handle the whole project, including collecting ambient air samples, preparing and sampling the locations, and repair. We cannot design the project or provide an opinion, but we can carry out your soil vapor project according to your specifications.